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Alleyway Jaunt
Toronto might not have the best weather (esp this craptastic summer '04). We might have high rent and we are probably overly-focused on work and how it defines us. But if you stick around for long enough, the place grows on you with its small celebrations and sense of community.

This weekend Chris and I did the Alley Jaunt, a tour of participating garages near Trinity Bellwoods Park where people had set up activities, installations, and hung their artwork. Participants were handed a passport which they brought on the circuit. We received a unique stamp at each venue and eventually the passport evolved into its own rumpled piece of art.

There were some great art/installations. And a mystifying garage that consisted of a puddle of vegetable oil and a woman who declared that it was "becoming" something as it absorbed into the cement.

There was an artist who created "tit pins" where she had her subjects sit in an orange 1975 alpha romeo and have their boobs photographed, prinited, and made into a button. It was strange and wonderful. There were musicians, invitations to create your own art, and, most memorably, an encouragement to explore the alternate routes and alleyways of the streets I bike on daily.

Next event: cabbagetown festival?

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