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Happyrobot gets a new facelift.
Today happyrobot is migrating from black to white.
Check out the homepage (click on the top lefthand logo) to see the awesome new design.
Four years ago, Rich and Rachel got married. happy anniversary, kids! A little more than four years ago, I came across happyrobot on the interweb.

Found email from four years ago:
Email from August 10, 2000:
My co-worker Helen has no idea how or when she came across your site, but she sent me the URL.
I love it! It is sweet and odd and funny and makes me feel all wistful and wanting to be part of your community friends.

reply from Rich:

hi. happyrobot's biggest problem is that happyrobot does not fit in any categories. happyrobot avoids labels and explanations (which pretty much ruins our chances of ever being listed in Yahoo)... not on purpose, but out of laziness. happyrobot is whatever we want it to be. i guess there is a community involved in it... but i don't know what kind of community it would be. it's spread out quite a bit... geographically and otherwise.

so, after all that dumb rambling, we (i) are not affiliated with any magazines or software companies or world corporate conglomerates. it's simply a html-guy who has generous friends and doesn't sleep enough. wooo. that is the most i have ever written about the site.

thanks for writing back. i particularly liked your description of
happyrobot..... "sweet and odd and funny ". i may have to use that
somewhere on the site. :)
if happyrobot became a big corporation, on the front of the building,
in marble would be :

sweet & odd & funny

i think my next happyrobot thing will be all about my co-worker, Ronald. he's 23 and constantly asks me questions. it's really nuts. i mean, not work related questions, but stuff like :

"how may times a day do you brush your teeth?"

"what do you call that material that records are made of?"

"have you heard the phrase 'the real McCoy?' "

"have you ever heard of records being played backwards and you could hear

"Tour de France? Do they race cars in that, too?"

"Does Snapple Fruit Punch taste like medicine?"

it's really hilarious, actually. every day it's a new question that seems
wackier than the one before. i think he has led a really sheltered life....and i need to tap into his reservoir of questions before he gets older and wiser.

this is what i do all day.

if you ever want to do something funny for happyrobot, please let me know

yours in robots,


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