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A little more on the separation between church and state
Sometimes I am glad I live in canuckistan. More

yesterday I was listening to The Current on the CBC, where they spoke about the 13 states in the US who have proposed legislation to allow pharmacists to refuse to fill perscriptions for contraceptives or other drugs that they find "morally objectionable". I nearly choked on my toothbrush when I heard this story about a mother of two who was refused contraceptive pills by a pharmacist who had no idea of her medical history but felt she could bring her personal system of beliefs into her job serving the public.

To be fair, they managed to find a pharmacist in Alberta who had the same issues with contraceptives. And she was not a ranting nutbar. But she clearly chose the wrong line of work.

And now Pat Buchannan is lambasting the neocons for hijaking the republican party? clearly, I am still in a deep meat coma after last night's Rosh Hashana meal.

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