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I am a bit obsessed with the tv show Lost.
It just sucks me in (damn you, cable!).

The premise: A couple of liberal arts college grads with a penchant for scriptwriting were watching Survivor and thought:

Arts grad 1: "This would be great if it had a...a plot! Like, they ended up there after a plane crash."

Arts grad 2: "Yeah, totally, if they really couldn't get off the island. There was no camera crew. All the while, they are trying to survive and resolve personal disputes and not go all Lord of the Flies on each other."

Arts grad 1: "Yeah, like the Island is a manifestation of their selves - their own inner demons and beauty. But all this weird shit keeps happening that nobody understands."

Arts grad 2: "Except this old wise dude like obi wan. He speaks cryptically, but he seems to know that they all have to understand something about themselves before the can be rescued..."

Arts grad 1: "They have to understand that they don't understand. Like John Locke and tabula rasa. They have to become clean slates."

Arts grad 2: "John Locke. That is a good name for a character, cuz, like, locke is like a lock - to a place with secrets."

Arts grad 1: "Can you pass the cheetos, dumbass?"

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