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Switching schools
I am very bummed out, because yesterday I went to get my student from downstairs, only to have the popular twins come up to me and say:
"She switched schools!"
They played with their hair, and repeated: "yeah, she is going to another school now".

Switching schools when I was a kid was always like that. You never got a chance to say goodbye to the kids you had built up complicated networks of loyalties with. Just one day - poof - you were in a new school.

Kind of felt like being kidnapped.

With your favourite clothes. That freaked-out back-of-the-neck feeling. The purgatory of the lunch hour.

Things I learned from the student:

If you like a boy, claim: "He's rude!" Then push him against the wall when you pass him.

Also, kids have developed a whole new language with Instant Messenger that I could not begin to imitate.

You can learn a lot from 12 year old girls.

Next week I get assigned a boy.

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