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Aquarians also rule the kitchen
So I have a couple of friends who, due to certain adult developments in their life, have decided it is high time to learn to cook. I have set up the informal pony cooking school at my apartment for all those interested in making easy and healthy eats.

Last night Josh and Rena came over. We made crispy potatoes, black bean soup with tons of lime, and a big salad with mango, avocado, and peppers.

Black Bean Soup
1) chop an onion and a jalapeno pepper (discarding most of the seeds from the pepper
2)fry them in olive oil until the onion turns brown around the edges.
3) add 1 tsp cumin and 1 crushed clove garlic
4) add 1 small potato cut in small cubes
5)add 2 cups broth/stock (or just water if you don't have any stock. Do not add knorr or lipton broth. They are sicky tasting.)
6) add black beans (1 can, rinsed)
7) add 1 tsp cocoa powder
8) fresh ground black pepper
9) let it simmer nicely while you wash some flat-leaf parsely and a tomato (you can chop a red pepper if you don't like tomato)
10) add the parsley.
11) take a hand blender if you have one and pulse it a bit. Otherwise, mash the beans a bit with a fork.
12) serve it up, adding chopped pepper or tomato and fresh lime juice. you can also put in plain yogurt. Salt to taste.

What should the school teach next?

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