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Raspeck the Rich
Today happyrobot is six years old. The site shares its birthday with the founder. Happy birthday Rich!

I have only hung out with Rich in person a few times over the years due to geographic restrictions, but here is a bit of 411 on Ricardo.

Rich is an inadvertent yenta. He is partially responsible for something like 6 couples and three babies (including my niece). When I say responsible, I don't mean it in a dirty/child support way.

He skipped work to be witness at city hall for matt and jackie's marriage and then brought beautiful champagne and wine and vodka and helped with the barbecue and this was on a really sad day for him for other reasons,and still he did all this generous stuff.

He has a lovely red-headed wife he dated for 10 years before they tied the knot. They make hilarious xmas cards featuring their cat, bums, or monkeys. In the summer, they take their coffee and the paper to the park on Sunday mornings. I have always thought that is a lovely ritual.

Rich makes excellent mixed cd's. He introduced me to Beulah and changed my mind about Belle and Sebastian.

The first time I saw Rich was on a webcam from his office when he was dressed like a porn star named Duke Mt. Vernon.

Happyrobot is home to some great stories that have made me laugh.
Rich still laughs at the word blog.

He let me and kiff and blaine taste delicious, expensive scotch in his air-conditioned apartment on a scorching summer day while we watched Eric W.'s video montages.

Rich does not look like the picture in the robot journal. When I fist saw the site, however, I thought that was what he looked like.

Rich is going to get really embarassed by this post. But hey, it's my blog, and I'll be maudlin if I want to. I am very glad I met Rich.

The world is a safer place with Rich and Happyrobot.

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