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Things I wish I had captured on film:
The look on people's faces when they bit into a Jaques Torres chocolate (from Rich Robot). It went like this: bite. stop. stare dreamily into distance. Chew incredibly slowly. Eyes fill up with tearsof joy.

I wish I had a picture of Kiff walking down the street with a handful of helium baloons that he got for my birthday last week before he decorated the house with streamers and balloons (that intentionally matched my powder-blue vintage 60's party dress) and a bright bunch of yellow flowers. I am a bit superstitious about publicly bragging about having an exceptional boyfriend, but you know, sometimes I can't get over how lucky I am to have this person in my life.

Sat night we had our aging aquarius party. We went to the lovely Crooked Star on Ossington and were surrounded by excellent folks. I paced my intake of beer to a pint every two hours and we left the place arm-in-arm with Matt and Emily, singing songs and feeling wonderful. Then we had a final shot of tequila. A big shot lovingly provided by jen. Why oh why did we have that shot of tequila?

The next day was kiff's actual birthday. I had plans of fresh croissants and the new york times in bed with espresso, followed by a foray to the art show at the gladstone. But instead kiff went to the drugstore for saltines, maalox, and gatorade while I threw up until the magical hour of 4pm. I am glad we do not have a picture of that!

Tonight I will make pumpkin gnocchi in roasted red pepper sauce (my original plan for last night's dinner).

And I will post two pictures I do have (from Josh):

This is the 5th year that Joey has played his accordion at my birthday. Thanks, Joey!

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