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On a day when the same sex marriage issue is being bandied about the house of commons by politicians who are so out of touch, they get their assistants to print out their emails from the interweb, I am thinking about marriage as an institution.

(on a completely separate tangent: With the ready availability of free email accounts, why do so many married couples share their email addresses?)

Thing is, I am not so sure I can get behind marriage. I mean, what other people solemnize with a ceremony in the privacy of their own temples is hardly my business. I am not looking down on you. I think that married people deserve the same rights as all of us.

But when my laid-back friend who is working her butt off in law school got engaged, she was thrilled. She has been ready to say "of course, dumbass!" (she really did say that) for a while now. But as soon as the marriage was announced to the family, the wedding hell began. She cries daily at fresh sets of demands and racial slurs between the two familes that make her question her career goal to negotiate verdicts between two warring parties.

I mean, I would like the sets of linen as much as the next person. And I certainly like the idea of bringing together the people I love for a big party. But if it means putting everyone through hell, I think I will continue living in sin.

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