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Day 4 of spend nada
This experment is weird. It is making me very cranky about money (I just wrote monkey instead of money but fixed it. I am never cranky about monkeys).

Last night at the Y I discovered that I had filled up my visa so much that my gym membership bounced. The fee I had to pay for the bounce is insubstantial, but it still made me unreasonably cranky.

Sometimes, when things happen that I find unfair, I exude this aura of self-righteous annoyance. I want everyone to share my emotion. Examples of when this happens:
I bring only one sneaker to the gym
Someone holds open the door to the restaurant for too long, freezing the customers
I am waiting at the corner of College and Spadina waiting for ages for the streetcar to come, and three of them do, but not in my direction.
My cheek gets mashed on the bus by someone who doesn't have a sense of their backpack.
But a few minutes after I loudly emote my annoyance (furrowed brow, exasperated sigh, exagerratedly defeated posture), I get over it. And then I feel embarassed.

I have noticed I have this tendency to want to draw people into my temporary fits of annoyance. And then the feel embarassed/apologetic a few minutes later. It is something I would like to change about myself.

Dinner last night: Curried chickpea and sweet potatoes with mango chutney wrapped in whole wheat burritos.

Kiff bought more bread yesterday. He says he found a toonie in the street, and therefore it doesn't count as spending. Ah well.

The other day, Rich k. offered to buy me a snack when I complained I was peckish. I said he could not be my shabbas goy.

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