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I tutor a teen from a Catholic school.
I learn a lot from her.
I wish I could get her to be more assertive about her knowledge and opinions when it comes to school stuff.

Sometimes I kind of do her homework for her, and I don't mean to. She just writes down what I say. She has the kind of English that comes from being raised by ESL parents. She messes up her verb tenses and pronouns a bit.

Socially she is pretty sure of herself. For guys she likes, she says: "I TRUST HIM" with wide-open eyes and a voice that would be ALL CAPS.

The other day, though, she said:

"There is this girl in my school. She is in grade 5. And she's not even a virgin. She wears a hoodie cuz she has no hair. and it is from having sex with too many guys. she could get pregnant"

um. are you sure she is not a virgin? That is probably just a story about her.

wide eyes. nodding.

Well it is really unhealthy in so many ways to have sex that young. Has she gone through puberty yet?

blank stare

You don't lose your hair from having sex. Does she have cancer?"

"Yes, she probably got it from having sex"

You can't get cancer from sex. I mean, you can get all sorts of things from unprotected sex (shit where is this going) like AIDS....

"Is AIDS like HIV?"

HIV can become AIDS. But you can also get all sorts of diseases that won't kill you but could make you really sick. Like, have you heard of herpes? or chlamydia?

Very uncomfortable body language.

Oh geez, I am not supposed to be talking about this kind of thing with you. (quickly) But if you have any questions, you can ask. Wanna go get a pop?

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