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the internet on the teevee
Ok, so I am going to do this thing for book television. AFAIK, you won't be seeing this if you don't have Canadian channels. And I have resisted writing about this before, cuz I am a bit embarassed for some reason. You see, I am going to talk in a show on online writing/publishing.

I know, who am I to represent the blogosphere, right? I am lazy with my linking, I don't network in the virtual sense. I do not knit. I rarely throw my hat into the political ring. I am not a controversial persona. I write random stuff to amuse myself. I do not know what a typical blogger's MO is, but I said yes when I was asked, and hey: It's two floors down, so...

I am not totally sure what I will talk about.
So I am asking you, as web writers and readers, to supply us with:

a) wardrobe suggestions
b)talking points
c) articles to read so I don't sound like a gibbering idiot!

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