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tv time
After a massive, absurd fashion crisis, I have settled on a blue shirt and jeans. Kiff leant me his Harley Davidson belt for good luck. I am heading down in a few minutes to get some makeup put on my mug, then we go tape the show.

Now if I get through this next two hours without being a complete idiot that will be step one. Step two: If I can get through the next week or so without catching the whooping cough from Kat, I will be home free! (yes, my co-worker has the whooping cough).

UPDATE: So...You know how when you speak and you are thinking about speaking and then you are thinking about people thinking about how you are speaking and then you realise that you have been thinking more about speaking than the content of what you are saying? oy.

I kind of wish there had been an audience, like on Wheel of Fortune, where my polyester-clad extended family members (posessing incredible vocabularies) shouted helpful words, like: 'Veracity!" or 'Cohesive!' as they jiggled supportively in their seats.

But i did get a chance to meet Daniel Richler, Andrew Coyne , Steven Marshall, and, of course, Cory. They were all incredibly articulate. And did their best to calm my nerves.

Thing I wanted to say about blogging that I was too frozen to articulate:
My grandmother used to always say before a wedding or bar mitzvah we were dreading: "Just go. You never know who you are going to meet!"

And the same can be said about the so-called blogosphere, without which I would not have met dozens of lovely people, without which my sister would not have met Matt and they would not have had Sydney. Without which my other sister, Lisa, would not have started sharing her stories from Tel Aviv.... And for reasons that are impossible to articulate with any accuracy, but are a weird mixutre of ego, prose impulses, thought storage, storytelling, urges to create, for lack of a better word, 'content' is an immensely satisfying habit.

Conversation with RobotJohnny:
pony:i sounded so inarticulate
rojo:what did you say?
pony:i don't know. i blanked. got nervous.
i did not say what i wanted to say.
pony:2pm on bravo! may 5th
rojo:If it's any consolation NO ONE will see it
pony:really? ok. thank you.
rojo:I'm totally taping it and putting a bit torrent online
ponyi will totally take you off my blogroll if you do that, man
and other punishment
that you can only imagine
but it will be just as bad.
rojo:Watch your back, Goldman!
pony:ditto, robot boy...
oh god...
cory is sooo going to boing boing this.
you are such a source of compassion.

Ah well. My pineal gland has returned to its normative state and my new source of anxiety is doing my taxes ON MY OWN for the very first time. I can sense your anticipation.

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