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Yo b!tches
Abi came over for dinner last night and we talked about a lot of stuff while stuffing our faces with curry (tamarind chick peas and sag paneer with tofu).

One of the topics that came up was bitches (this was in reference to no one in particular). Occasionally I will meet a person who is a self-proclaimed bitch. Often they will have a small following of people who have a slavish need to be publicly humiliated, calling said friend "great" and "honest" or "outrageous".

And I do not have beef with people speaking their minds or taking pride in being rough around the edges. But when I see these people get rewarded for being difficult, it sticks in the proverbial craw (though I have no idea what a craw is). As though those of us with "gentler" manners are somehow lacking edge. As though there is no art to keeping your mouth shut.

I try really hard to restrain my urge to be a difficult cranky bitch (with varying degrees of success). Sometimes, a really funny, astute (cuz I am a clever bitch) insult forms in my head and I just swallow it cuz it suddenly occurs to me how much it will offend. (Then I feel all proud of myself from saving you from my barbed wit. Cuz sometimes I am a heroic bitch). So call it a style, call it a preference, call it a fear of confrontation. Or maybe it is just a bit more effort. We are all bitches under the skin. Some of us just try and keep our claws in.

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