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Tuesday Reading:
I rented Mississippi Burning last night after the Jacko trial season finale. Hard to believe that pseudo-activist Jesse Jackson saw it more fit to appear on tv for a disturbed rock star (who says he won't share bed with kids again) than to speak about the trial of a man accused of killing three human rights activists in the 1960's.

I mention this because, as you may have heard, they are finally trying to get an impartial jury together to prosecute Edgar Ray Killen for the murders of three young anti-segregation workers in the town of Philadelphia, 1961.

Killen never served time, even for the civil rights violations that his fellow accused were convicted of. There was a hung jury, apparently because one member could not get her head around jailing a preacher.

'Mississippi Burning' jurors start arriving

The King of Distraction
Media obsession with celebrity trials lets bad boys in Washington get away with real crimes.

And finally: Senate Issues an Apology for Inaction on Lynchings

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