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20 albums?
When I was 17, my friend Julia got me a job at a record store. That was where my musical education began in earnest. But it kinda stagnated until I played with napster and I got a chance to sample stuff and figure out what everyone who liked my core bands was also listenign to. Yes, grandpa, filesharing made me buy more music!

Some of my favourite albums I never owned. Others I loved for a season (like Liz Phair, Ani di Franco) then discarded when they didn't make sense anymore.

Hey: On the off chance don't know this, the robot in the top left corner takes you to the homepage where all the other happyrobot writers are listed. So, in no particular order:

Guided By Voices - Bee Thousand
The Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas/Treasure
The Pixies - Doolittle/Surfer Rosa
Manitoba- Up in Flames
The Sugarcubes - Life's Too Good
Belle and Sebastian - Tigermilk
The Breeders - Pod
Richard Buckner - Devotion and Doubt
The Chills - Submarine Bells
Rain Dogs - Tom Waits
Beaver - Neko Case
The Trinity Session - The Cowboy Junkies
I'm Your Man - Leonard Cohen
Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking
Primal Scream - Screamadelica
Jeff Buckley - Grace
Tricky - Maxiquaye
Modest Mouse - The Moon over Antarctica
Metro Area - Metro Area
The Doves - Some Cities
Arcade Fire - Funeral
Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights

(I also have a couple of fave Israeli albums, including Hahavevim shel Natasha,Corine Halal, Monika Sex, and Tipex (haacharon haikaron...)

I also did not number these, cuz I think there are more than 20. Just a guesstimate.

I am deeply commited to certain albums from before 20 years ago, like Blue and Blonde on Blonde. But this list is for the past 20 years. And while, like acne, I was told it would end after 18, I still get nervous about having "cool music". Which is why I am the last person to do this list.

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