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Feist last night
One of the stations I work for has a show called "Live at the Rehearsal Hall". They feature musicians performing for a small group of people. It is one of those rare times you get to see a popular artist perform up close.

Last night I was able to see Feist. A few months ago I listened to her constantly, then overdosed as her album mewed softly from the speakers of every Chapters and Starb*cks in the city.

But she is a great talent, and I am smitten with the music again after seeing her performance. With an unironic white flower tucked behid her ear and a sundress tied around her neck, she kept shifting with each song between coy ingenue, wistful folkie and punk rock. I totally have a crush on her now (which in het girl vernacular means I totally want to be her).

It was a great, great performance (Canucks can see in on Bravo! on august 9th and 13th).

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