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News from G8:
The US reluctantly agreed to sign the treaty with the wording that human activity "greatly" contributes to climate change. They were arguing for the word "partly".

And apparently we civilized G8 citizens only want prosperity and happiness for our African brethren while the terrorists want chaos, death and starvation. It's true. Terrorists hate life! A bizarre mandate to wrap your head around, but try not to think too critically about it, just know they are eeevil.

And now that this attack has happened in London, maybe we won't talk so much about starvation and pandemics in the southern hemisphere because starvation and disenfranchisement have nothing to do with terrorism. We are talking about terrorists here. Not doe-eyed fly-covered orphans who will never grow up resentful, galvanized by anger and injustice.

The cold war was all about geopolitical hegemony. And sure, we armed a few despotic leaders and murderous regimes in Africa, but how else were we to achieve a balance of power? And maybe we greatly partly contributed to the current situation. But by 2010 we are totally going to....look over there! Terrorists are trying to change the agenda!

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