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Dear 4 people I see every day on my way to work (but never speak to)
Dear gay man at the shoe store with your fancy leather jacket and espresso cup. You are my favourite, because you remind me of an otherworldly elf with your slight frame and mischievious crinkle and "you again!" smile.

Dear strange blank-faced man in your 30's with emotionless blue eyes. Even though we always walk/bike past each other (each morning, as I head east, you head west), you seem to register me, but you never smile or make eye contact. Are you a robot? You are SO a robot.

Dear ex of my friend. Has anyone ever told you that you are the perfect mix of Matthew Perry and Chris Isaac? You are super-friendly, but I can never forget the stories of your intolerable emotional neediness.

Dear black man with dreadlocks and tortoise shell glasses. I see you EVERYWHERE. Almost every day. In the strangest places. There is always that bug-eyed double take we do, but no acknowledgement. Which I totally understand. Once we start saying hello, we will always have to and then people will ask: how do you know that guy/girl? and we will say: Uh, i just always see him/her around.

I imagine I will befriend you one day when we are both coincidentally in Portugal or Costa Rica or some place that is not downtown Toronto. And we will finally bid each other a heartfelt, unsurprised "hello" and talk for hours, deconstructing the meaning and fate of people who seem to move in the same orbit.

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