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some random lessons from the weekend
It has been a long time since I wrote and I seem to have lost the rhythm of it. At the risk of being boring, I will just tell you a few things I have learned this weekend.

When you have a garage sale in the park, all the freaks come out. Chinese grandmas and Italian grandfathers with their bundle-buggies in tow drive the hardest bargain.

Three girls can nap on my couch for exactly one half an hour after a day in the sun.

There are many stories of teachers who had nervous breakdowns.

At dim sum, the tray with the deep fried squid looks like a sci-fi/alien tentacled treat. I have a new word: dimsumnambula: the sleepwalking feeling you get from too many dumplings.

Spinning class is really hard. The diffficulty is somewhat abated when your friend is the instructor. Once you get over the absurdity of sweating like mad and cycling hard but going nowhere, you appreciate the good workout.

Everything from the fresh/juice for life cookbook has 2 sauces and three sub-sauces. By the time you eat the recipes, you are too hungry to taste them.

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