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Which is odd because I am not left-handed
I am on the phone with Sarah who is giggling in my ear. She is giggling because she is getting a pedicure and her right foot is very ticklish and sensitive, "which is odd because i am left-handed."

Yesterday everything smelled of rotten flowers. Sickly sweet and just-turned. It was so pervasive, I thought I was having an olfactory hallucination. The deathlike stench was in my office, the gym, my apartment....

Speaking of death, we finished watching season four of Six Feet Under last night. Prob the weakest season so far, but I hear that season five redeems itself. I am completely addicted to this show and I love the characters, which is why I wish they would not put them through so much torture. Each time I think it can't get more macabre, it does.

As we went to sleep, we turned on the big fan which blocks out street noise (but has to be turned 'just so' so that it does not blow my hair, causing it to tickle my skin - do you have this problem?). Over the fan i heard racoonspeak. You know that whiny clicky sound they make like old jalopy horns?

I opened the window and saw nothing, though I had been expecting to see a whole family of racoons walking in a line like dismantled russian dolls, in order of size.

This morning, pushing my bike out through the gate, I came across a horrible sight outside our bedroom window. A dead baby racoon, covered in ants. I made a strangled pukey sound and kiff came up behind me to look. "I'll call the city to remove it when I get back."

By the time he had returned home an hour later, this PAWS truck had arrived, cleared the racoon and spread sawdust. And today the rotting flowers smell is gone. I am going to see the outdoor screening of the bravofact shorts in the distillery district tonight. And remember that it is still summer.

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