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Road pizza
The weekend had its lows and heights, but I should remind you all to be careful when riding beside streetcar tracks. One minute you are riding free, the next you are splat on the asphalt with road pizza on your elbow and a stunned look on your face.

Don't worry mom, I am fine. I had done a crazy cyclefit class that morning, and my body was all warmed up. I think that is why i didn't break or sprain a thing.

Friday night had a great dinner on Roncesvalles with Kiff's bro dave, his lady abi, and papa Stevenson and his missus, who were here from Kingston.We went home and rented The Sting. Gosh Redford and Newman were a foxy duo.

After the bike splat on Saturday, Kiff and I went to our respective stag and stagette parties where much alchoholized punch was imbibed but my crazy adrenaline post-accident body didn't get inebriated. My mind felt as clear as a bell. Weird. The parties met up at the Gladstone for Turnign Point, a night of Afro-Cuban funk. We danced till we were soaked and went home to crash.

Woke up sore all over but not as hung over as one would expect. I should mention that for the past few days, I have been posessed by the soul of a contrary child. Strange fits of babyish "I don't *wannna*" behaviour have been taking over my personality, for an hour at a time. Sunday after brunch, I had another whiny pity-me mood when Kiff went to the Island with his heterosexual life partner matt, to play frisbee golf.

I didn't WANNA go to the island. I went to kensington market, instead, where my mood was drastically wiped clean by the blackout party they held with streetfood and music, and dancing. Even the capoiera didn't make me cringe. Julia, Em and I went down to Doug's studio where we got a private viewing of his new collection of paintings. I won't describe them, cuz i think it is still a secret, but they were beautiful and mysterious like an aging chanteuse.

Back at the market, we had odd encounters with both the lady who puts lipstick all over her face and the crazy-layered old man with the walking stick (every ranting person was talkking about the devil). But the mood was saved by the pink sky and the bikeride home up augusta, where they were still holding the last few moments of the street party. They had draped sheets and made a huge lantern that twirled with colored lights and musical saws being played on the inside. Thrilled toddlers ran around the lantern in circles and I felt such a love for this city and the summer, and its moments of grace.

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