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I was getting a bit too proud of myself. I had attended 8 cyclefit classes and they were getting easier. I was sweating up a storm, and when I walked, I felt my whole legs propelling me forward with muscular certainty.

Then I got on a scale, So how is it that I am gaining weight? I don't believe that whole muscle weight being denser than fat at this stage. I think it's cuz I went on the sugar again. Cakes and chocolate, sherbert and ices. My sweet friend, refined sugar. How could I have abandoned you so coldly?

I ran into Brett last night at cyclefit class at the Y. We had that instructor - you know the REALLY hyper one that reminds me of my friend's little brother with ADD all grown up? Well this guys is a wonderful spazz in his own right and the class flew by.

Brett is off the sugar now too. He was on his way home to make himself a vegetable shake. Which sounds kind of repulsive, to tell you the truth. I mean, veggie juice, yes. But veggie shakes?
Anyhow, he got sick from it. Sorry to hear that!

I got home and kiff was making us a very cool piece of furniture for our "entertainment centre". It is truly sweet.

We rented this documentary on Maya Lin, the Yale architecture student who won a contest to design the vietnam war memorial in the 80's. She went on the design other sacred spaces and monuments.

It was our first night home in ages. No phone calls. No socializing. I made dinner. We flaked out. Read Vanity Fair (got the subscription from Elana and Richard). And now I am writing you this boring post about our night in. Sorry for the self-indulgence.

But while i am on this, can I tell you how much the CBC strike has been affecting my days? I used to be part of the CMG (Canadian Media Guild) union. I am now part of CEP. I have never been involved in union activities. But I miss The Current every morning. I really do. And it is so weird hearing my old station manager DJ in the mornings. Any suggestions of a diff radio station?

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