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Celebration Cake.
lemon tree very pretty
and the lemon flower, so sweet
but the fruit of the poor lemon
is impossible to eat

I can't stop signing this song. It has taken over Drunken Angel as my 3am singalong.

A wedding Friday and an engagement party and a surprise birthday Sunday. And a dinner party chez SGD.

At the engagement party there were so many kids, I felt dizzy. Scrumptious toddlers. I pretty much played with all of them (prompting many babysitting requests and "looks good on you" comments that 30-something women get with a child in their lap).

One shy little boy was crying as soon as he arrived and wouldn't come in from the yard. Eventually he warmed up and told his dad to leave up us alone while he sang me the "scooby doo song". I told him I was going in for some cake. "Whose birthday is it?" No one's birthday! It's a celebration cake!

I miss my niece.

At the wedding, the dj played the proverbial "we are family". I felt a little funny dancing to that, as I am neither related to the bride nor groom. But then Y. came up and said: "Come on, let's dance. We are family." And though it sounds cheesy in the retelling, I can assure you it was not. I looked around at the great friends I have known all these years know.... Family is a good word.

And while the equinox meant a perfect balance between light and dark, I felt profoundly out of wack all weekend, and I'm not sure why. What I really should have done is stayed home and read on our new (from craig's list) sofa.

Books I am currently coveting:
Amitav Ghosh's Hungry Tides (kiff bought it at book city).
The Girls (on the cover on Now Magazine this week)

And Zadie Smith's On Beauty.

I finished reading Jumpa Lahiri's The Namesake and I keep picking up Adam Gopnik's From Paris to the Moon but putting it down for straight fiction.

What are you reading right now? Any good recommendations?

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