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The club chair
Kiff is addicted to Craig's List, particularly the furniture. This month we have already bought a sofa and a club chair.

I love the sofa. We needed a new sofa. But the club chair is massive and old and from England. A newspaper editor brought it from England and 15 years later he is returning to his native land.

It is a huge. It takes up so much room in our smallish apartment. It is not for the posterior-enlarged. UPDATE: Here is the chair!

Kiff loves this piece. He could not believe that I was not overjoyed at his purchase, and that i confessed it would take a while to grow on me. When Rich and Elana came for dinner, he kept disappearing into the next room to sit in it and reflect.

Things he has said about the chair since he bought it monday:
"People PAY to have their leather distressed like that."
"If we have kids, it will be wipe-able!"
"I googled this chair, and do you know that it is six-hundred british pounds new? That's more than $1200!"
"I can't believe you don't love this chair! Look at it! It is so great!"

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