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Club Chair, meet Mr Eames
So Kiff found these eames bucket chairs on the street where an older Italian widow was discarding all of her husband's unfinished projects.

There were 5 seats, all without bases. For two and a half years he has toted them around, awkwardly shoving them in corners of the basement or backyard. Determined to find a base for them (initial online research came with a $90 price tag for the base, without shipping.). Well two weeks ago, he found an "Eiffel Tower" base, a bit rusty, but only $5. Persistence paid off!

Things Kiff has said about the chairs:
Kiff:"Look at these! There are Eames chairs. Genuine Herman Miller with the fiberglass resin. Antique dealers go nuts for them!"
me: "They're not plastic?"
Kiff: look of mild exasperation. "Don't you see? they come from an era of mass production of cheap and functional design. they are made out of one mold. Look how beautifully streamlined they are! They won a major design award in 1948."
Me: "They remind me of elementary school. And they have no base."
Kiff: "I will find a base some day. I love these chairs."

It is not the best match for the club chair, but there is something interesting to be said about contrast and juxtaposition of modern and classic. I will just wait for kiff to say it first.

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