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Movies that rocked my world in high school/university
For Victoria

The Frenchies:
Betty Blue (who didn't want to be a self-destructive sexually voracious ingenue? I imagine this movie is terrible now)

La Femme Nikita - loved the style. (both this and betty had a moment wherein a worldly vixen had a birthday and they would say "congratulations! you are 20!" and the viewer would be all shocked that she was so young yet so...old....)

Diva - Another Frech movie that has stood the test of time and is the perfect capsule of French 80's new wave.

I guess I should say something about enjoying Godard or Truffault, but I am not sure if I actually LOVED Jules et Jim et al or if I just really wanted to get all the reference points.

I did, however, love Breathless.

Jesus of Montreal (French Canadian, that is)


The Red, White, and Blue trilogy. I saw all three and then I sat through a screening of all three back-to-back, but but only made it through two.

The Limeys:
Hope and Glory: Seriously, seriously heart-warming and funny movie about a family in London during the blitz.
Withnail and I: Damn funny classic.
My beautiful Laundrette & London Kills Me - or anything my Hanif Kureishi
Drowning by Numbers
Secrets & Lies (or pretty much anything by Mike Leigh)

Other foreigny stuff:
Il Postino - damn, I bawled
Babette's Feast
Eat, Drink, Man Woman
Chungking Express
Wings of Desire - at times, this was unbearably pretentious.
Raise the Red Lantern

David Lynch:
Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive and Wild at Heart.

The Graduate
Annie Hall
Crimes and Misdemeanours

The Shining
The Changeling
The Seventh Seal (I probably missed the allegory, but...)
The Tenant (ok, I wish i had seen that in university, but I only just saw it last year)

Apocalypse Now
Taxi Driver

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