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I am bone-weary after my weekend in New York. In case you were wondering, babies are all-consuming. ALL-CONSUMING. And adorable. But big-up the mommies in the house, cuz my respect has trippled on this visit. When you have babies, you can't sleep in, go to movies, meet friends after work. Everyone wants to talk to you about the baby. Sometimes people come to your house and just watch the baby and barely talk to you. I think I am happy being and auntie for now.

Things to know about Sydney:
She is a bit coy, so let her come to you.
She can eat an entire banana in less than a minute.
She likes to have one thing in each hand at all times.
She likes to wear hats, but only to take them off again.
She likes to play with cell phones.
Once she is woken up from a nap, she won't go down again.
She likes to pick up garbage and hand it to you (she will say ta-ta? - which means "take this?")
When she wants something she says "mama"
She has a song she sings that involves a high-pitched dolphin scream followed by "daaaa."
She might have inherited my "short" gene. heh.
I miss her already.

More things about the vacation:
I got a pair of Keen boots just like rich's. They are wicked-comfortable. I also got a pair for Kiff. they are the official happyrobot boots of 2005/2006.

My mom braved Saks on Black Friday (an american term for the first shopping day after xmas, where ppl grab things from each other in stores and wear the magnetic strip out of their credit cards). Mom's got her NY rituals, including S&W, this orthodox coat store. Know it?

On sat night I went out with Rich and Rachel and John and Tamara and K-Mac and Honky and Mattyj and Jacob. We went to this new bar on Smith Street named Camp. It was a good place until about 11 when they turned up the music and the "douchebag quotient" went up. So we retired to Robot excecutive headquarters down the street and had a gorgeous scotch tasting. Rich opened up the Johnny Walker Blue Label. It was smooooove.

The next day I had one of them there....uh...hangovers. yes. toddlers + hangovers=exhausted. Still recovering. So weary!

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