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Dear Mom
I am writing to tell you those interminable trips - "schleps" as our people refer to them - to Hebrew school were all for naught. This week I experienced my first, most beautiful holiday miracle in Kingston, Ontario. And I will never be the same.

At first I felt a bit awkward as the only minority at the table. Surely my Jewish identy stood out brazely like so many chanukka candles! But then Abi, the dear beloved of Kiff's brother - a veritable kris kringle! - she surprised both me and and Kiff with gifts of such carefully planned and thoughtful proportion, I was forced to put a premature end to my hard-hearted war on all things Christmas.

Aye, with a christmas shirt like this, I felt truly...assimilated. Kiff looked very festive indeed in Abi's hand-crafted sweatshirt. Nary a drop of sweat could evaporate with such marvellous material on your skin. I can only hope to return the favour to her and Dave next year with outfits of the same tasteful and inspiring calibre.

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