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Other split seconds
On Blaine's track:

-That split second when you realise: This is not how you thought it was going to taste. It sounded so good. You were so hungry for something good. There is clearly nothing edible in the joint.

-You are half-way through a book and totally enthralled. The split second when your critical faculties exert a belated, lazy moan of protest and you are forced to realise the book is kind of cheesy and you know exactly how it is going to end.

-You are half-way through telling an abusurd, funny story. The split second when you realize you are surrounded by people who will not understand you are joking and you will have to decide to either continue on the same track and hope for the best or to take a sharp turn, clean it up, and give it an obvious ending.

-The split second when you realise those tiny lines around your eyes are not going to go away after a good night's sleep.

-The split second when you realise you are not as big a person as you thought you were. Then the split second when you remember you are not done getting "bigger".

-The split second when you realise that you will probably not turn what you are best at into a career. Then, months later, the split second when it is suddenly ok.

-That split second when your body takes over from your mind. You know how to ski. Or how you want to kiss this person. Or how to hit a ball with a clean, precise thwak. Then, the next moment where your mind takes over again and takes all the credit.

-You are enjoying someone's company so much. That split second when you remember how rare it is to be in the company with someone who doesn't make you work at being understood.

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