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Monday List - election fever
1.Too cold to do anything other than dwell on Canadian Politics and make out.
2. At my house we are suffering from election fever (we are also making out)
3. And all the news stations seem to be trying to get us to warm up to the idea of a conservative gov't.
4. Everytime I watch election coverage, I feel like i am about to throw up in my mouth.
5. In Chile they elected a woman. And we see ourselves as progressive?
6. The conservatives want to open up the same-sex marriage issue again - wtf?? Do you think their constituents were calling to say: "My marriage has just not felt as sacred since I found out the gays get to do it too".
7. I wish clean air was in our charter of rights.
8. I don't believe so much in the myth of fiscal conservatism - to paraphrase what Jim Harris of the Green Party said, it is often a euphemism for other kinds of debt (environmental, social) that require bigger cash bailouts in the future.
9. Maybe I am cynical, but I think that corruption is inevitable when a gov't sits more than two terms. As much as I was disturbed by the sponsorship scandal, I would be more horrified if I hadn't heard about it. Does that make sense?
10. Someone really hates the liberal incumbent in my riding, Tony Ianno, and as creepy as I find attack-sites, the blog raises some valid points. To quote the venerable Janet Jackson, what have you done for us lately, Tony?
11. I don't think you should vote to punish, or vote strategically against the worst possible scenario.
12.If you are in my riding, howver, Olivia Chow lost Trinity Spadina by only a few hundred votes last time. She has a really good chance of winning this time! I think she would be an enormous asset to us in Parliament, not just for social justice issues, but for planning issues key to our city, like the waterfront.
13. I am a bit late to the game of political postings, but Joey has been following closely his riding of parkdale high park, galvanized in particular by the Sam Bulte copyright issue. He even attended an all-candidates meeting. Go Joey!

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