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Kiff's Birthday
Today is Kiff's birthday. Master of monkey cakes. He is limitless. He can do all sorts of things I can't do, like build things, throw things far, run with grace, drive and reach the top cupboard without having to step on a chair. How lovely is he? He never makes me carry heavy stuff. He listens to all my stories. He makes coffee every morning. He flew to Thailand to meet me across the world. He is the ideal travelling partner, with infinite patience and curiousity. He will geek out on just about anything. He is smart and wise but never makes me feel small for my petty rages. His feet are never cold.

For all the kiff fans out there, here is a small gallery of kiff-assorted pictures.

kiff this summer

When we first met (and he took me to eat fish)

Kiff in a Swedish danceband

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«« past   |   future »»

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