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I am not stupid enough
I am not stupid enough to believe that theIndian man from the English patient is an Iraqi on Lost. He does not look Iraqi. He does not sound Iraqi. He looks South Indian. Or Sri Lankan.

I am not stupid enough to think that your right-wing yellow journalism rag is printing the mohammed cartoons because you suddenly, passionately believe in free speech.

I am not stupid enough to think that the new Tide-febreeze combination will make my clothes smell cleaner. I know you have to come up with some little 'new and improved' gimmick to justify your job. I don't know why that pisses me off so much.

I am not stupid enough to believe that you did not create the climate of escalationism and non-compromising aggression in the ipperwash standoff that lead to Dudley George's death.

I am not too stupid to understand the "complicated story" about you shooting your hunting partner in the face. Really. I understand. A shitty incident that obviously sucks for you and more for your friend, but I am sorry if I am not stupid enough to help but see this action as analogous to your "shoot-first-think-later" foreign policy.

But seriously, are you so stupid that you would leave Arcade Fire out of the Best album nomination at the Junos but include Nickleback?

I am not so smart, either. But sometimes, I wish I was that stupid so I could stop feeling so pissed off.

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