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Dreams and Cache
I had that dream again. No, not the regular apocalyptic one where I am forraging for supplies in devastated cityscapes.

The other one. I haven't graduated high school yet. I have two more classes that I forgot to attend, namely Math and Geography. I have to go to summer school and wear a uniform. I protest that I should not have to wear a uniform in my 30's but the prinicipal insists that it is the only way I can graduate.

Last night we saw a great, great movie, "Cache". It was a high-tension, paranioa thriller that deals with one man's guilt over an action in his childhood and the reprecussions in his middle age.

In a larger sense it deals with the theme of paranoia in a post-terror world where we feel a convoluted guilt and fear over issues of inequality and injustice that have shaped the global climate, but also a sense of outrage that we have to live with the hostile consequence of events that occured when we were children, that should not be our inheritance.

But it is not pedantic. It is genuinely creepy and well-acted. Juliet Bionoche is in it and she is pretty. Go see it if you can.

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