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Robot party 2006
Happyrobot Party Weekend was good times.

It was really nice to meet the robots I had not met before, and to see again the ones I know.

Saturday night I was a little foggy from the night before's festivities - a dinner that led to drinks that led to me weaving down Smith Street, having abandoned my lovely brother-in-law to some of Brooklyn's finest vodka-tonics and good company.

Kudos to Jayne for organizing Sat night. She brought a cake and party favours and booked the party room.

Had I been less hungover and sleepy, I would have requested a toast to Rich who built happyrobot and who is an all-around swell person. He has this great, low-key way of celebrating people and making them feel smart and special. And by special, I mean retarded.

And I just wanted to reiterate: What happens in Washington Heights stays in Washington Heights. Thanks for hosting all of us, Honky!

Sunday I got to see Nell, who is living the life in Manhattan, working for the permanent mission to the UN. She is the only person whose work stories I look forward to. Next time the cuban delegation has a party, I want an invite!

I also got to spend some quality time with my awesome sister Jackie, who proudly showed me Sydney's dance moves - picture a petite 19-month old wearing a ski-hat and a jumper, with a devilish smile, arms in the air, spinning in slow circles like an old Greek man.

Monday morning was hard for my niece - it was her second boob-free morning, and weaning is no fun, from what I can tell. She was feeling sucky. Her face crumpled tragically and she cried: "No more!" (which seems to be her word for both boobies and for being weaned).

But that afternoon, it was a perfect spring day, and she blew us away by walking-running most of the way to Brooklyn Heights.

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