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Everyone is cooler than I am
I just got off the phone with Kiff.
"Hey, Josh just called to ask if we wanted to go see controller controller at Lee's Palace"

Um. Who?

"(not ungenerous giggle) they are a local disco-punk band. You know...they are everywhere...."

How do you know this??? I mean, we consume the same cultural products....

I IM Chris Barry, the co-worker:

Do you know a band called controllercontroller?

"Yes, why?"

Cuz they are playing tonight at Lee's Palace.

"Oh, well not to be down on them, but there is a even better band playing tonight at x-space in Kensington Market.
They are great. My wife Kathleen LOVES them."

Me? Tonight I thought I would go to the gym, come home, eat dinner and finish reading my novel.

Everyone is subscribed to some underground podcast of important urban happenings and hot bands except me. Not that I care.

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