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Five-year ponyversary
Five years ago I began writing this pony thing, at the suggestion of Rich, the paterfamilias of happyrobot.

Each year I try to sum up how it has made my life better, richer, more interesting. I talk about the people I met, the brother-in-law and niece I scored. The strange compulsiveness of updating content for an audience I am never fully sure exists. The exercise that everyone thought was oddly exhibitionist before they themselves started doing it (this is my told-you-so moment).
But I repeat myself (a habit I find increasing with age).

When I was eight years old, I wrote my first rhyming poem that delighted my second-grade teacher. I showed it to everyone:

Once I saw the moon
and it married the star in the middle of June
but very soon
I called to the star
Come out! Come out! Wherever you are...
I'm here! I'm here! In a bottle of beer!
So I took it out
and said with a shout:
"Here you are!" I said to the star
who married the moon in the middle of June.

I still like the circularity of that, don't you?

On anniversaries, I often take the time to reflect all the things I was sure I was going to do at one point in my life, and how different my life would be had I chosen to pursue them.
Like becoming an actor (sometimes you have to be thankful for small talent).
Writing a novel.
Staying in Israel.
Getting my master's degree (hey, it could still happen).

But then I think of those odd, seemingly small choices, like starting to write on this little spot on the web that has brought me so many great people, and so many surprising outcomes. And like that little kid with my first rhyming poem, I want to show everyone.

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«« past   |   future »»

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