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Dear New York State Legislature,
As a Canadian, I have had my worries about gay marriage becoming legal in my country. I have grown up a certain way, with certain values. I hope to raise a family in this country, and I need to make sure that I can without undue influence of other lifestyle "choices".

Because getting married is cleary a choice. No one is born as a "marrying-type". Ha! Orientation my ass!

It is the giddy brides and strapping grooms we see on the cover of every magazine (at child's-view level, even!), doing their photoshoots in sculpture gardens, clanking their can-and-ribboned limos down our residential streets. Clearly, the sheer VISIBILITY of it is prone to making someone as opposed to marriage as myself feel some doubt!

Well, at least that is what I thought. Now my gay and lesbian friends and co-workers are throwing their own nuptial parties, complete with floral arrangements and tasteful string quartets. I can happily report that nothing has changed. I will whoop it up at their weddings, but I have not been swayed by the critical mass to take my own walk down the aisle.

Just in case you were doing any research on this before you made your ruling, I thought I'd send you my own personal research. As someone who has lived for more than a year in a country where gay marriage is legal, I have only noticed one big change (in addition to a significant growth to the wedding/divorce job industry). People who want to get married can.

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