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Toronto Towne
There is so much happening these days in Toronto Towne.

This weekend, Rich, Elana, me and Kiff decided to indulge in some summerlicious (prix fixe promotion for otherwise too-pricey restaurants) at the Corner House. It was a bit of a silver-haired crowd, but the food was tasty and the service really attentive.

Sunday we went to the outdoor art exhibition at nathan phillips square and checked out a dizzying array of local artists showcasing their wares. This is a big event for local artists - some of whom make more than half their annual income during the outdoor art weekend.

That evening, Sarah, Kiff and I had plans to make a barbecue for the three of us. We went to Kensington to buy some fish (my first time trying Marlin) and other groceries. On the way home we unwisely took College. I say unwisely, because Italy won the soccer cup, and the streets were a crush of delirious fans. I get a bit nervous in big crowds.

A couple of guys came up to me after I dismounted from my bike around Clinton and said: "Smile! Italia won! What's the matter? You French?"

"No, I am just trying to get home." I did not headbutt anyone.

"Look, she has a baguette in her bag!" said someone, pityingly.

We ran into Karlen and Tao and invited them to join us. Happily, the sounds of a street party are so much better than the aggressive victory circuits of cars. We were relieved that the street was closed to cars. Somehow, we missed the deerheads!

Got any good tips for this weekend?

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