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The freight train through the doppler
Last night I had my second midwife appointment and we heard the fetal heartbeat through the doppler device. It sounded like a fast-moving freight train: thuthumpthuthumpthuthump. Everytime I see or hear signs of the baby, I turn to mush and get all teary. It's pretty funny.

At any rate, we did not have as good chemistry with our second midwife as the first. Her specialty is dealing with people who are new immigrants and/or with health/ economic challenges. She took nothing for granted, like our std-freeness, whether kiff was the dad (or not the dad, but didn't know he wasn't) and whether there was violence in our relationship (a question which made us giggle inappropriately).

I didn't mind the questions. I am sure they are routine. I guess I didn't like how cautious she was in asking them. I like my medical care to be straightforward - I am not so easy to offend. I hope we get to know each other better, is what I am saying. Because it was hard to make her laugh. And whoever is going to be in the room helping me while I am in loads of pain and pushing out a baby, I need them to be able to laugh with me, too.

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