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Anniversary 4.0
Last week Kiff and I celebrated our 4-year anniversary. While there was much discussion of the fun it would be to create a monkey-inside-a-monkey anniversary cake, we decided to save the design for birthdays (which are never in the month of a heatwave).

Instead we went to La Palette in Kensington Market, the place where we had our first real "date". It was a lovely night. I even managed to stay awake past 11:30. Yay second trimester!

Friday we took off work and went with Rich and Elana to Sandbanks Provincial Park and then topped the night off with dinner at Harvest Restaurant, a real gem of place, where the chef relocated from the city and uses locally-grown ingredients.

Now I will clumsily segue from digestion to gestation:
The headaches - no one warns you about the pregnancy headaches, but they are relentless and migraine-like. All you want to do is like down in a dark room with an ice-pack on your head.

I am starting to get a bit scared of this whole baby deal. A couple of friends of mine who are new-ish moms looked at me all bleary-eyed and said: "You have no idea how this is going to challenge you and your relationship". eep.

Some days I can't wait for the baby to come out; I can't keep in my excitment.
But I know it is going to kick my ass. In the meantime, I want to do all the things I won't be able to do next year and enjoy this time or relative freedom.

Anniversary 5.0 we are going to have to hire a babysitter.

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