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kicking tomorrow
The baby kicks hard these days. When he moves, I can feel a rumbling-rolling of tiny body parts, and even see my stomach ripple and rise.

Maybe it was seeing "Borat" on Friday night that so tickled the baby, but for the past few days he has been elbowing/kicking me on the left side, as if to let me in on a joke.

I told this to Chris 'honky' Romine, who came up with a few fetal joke possiblities, along the lines of "A placenta walks into a bar..."

I went to the SPACING/EYE mayoral candidates event at Revival last night. Now, normally, this would have been a really interesting event for me, but last night I felt restless and trapped and eager to breathe some fresh air. I will blame the baby for my lack of interest in civic politics.

Went over to visit Emily last night who is on the final 2-week countdown till baby. She is doing a lot of sitting on the sofa and playing solitaire on the computer. She is only 10 weeks ahead of me. This is coming up fast.

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