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you woke the fetus, assholes!
Ok, so we most likely won't be moving before the baby comes. We didn't find a place that is affordable, nice, and in the right location. Which is fine. I am picky. My apartment is cute and cozy and has laundry and a dishwasher and is so close to everything i could possibly need. And babies are small.

But then last night, for the third night this week, I was awoken by club goers spilling out into the street, honking their horn staccato style and braying for their friend Leeeee-aaaaah to come out of the club. At a certain point they played "Break on through to the other side" and started singing along, in a great shout-out to Jim Morrison who probably offed himself at the spectre of so many frat boys grooving to his "poetry" in the years to come.

Over the past three years, I have gotten good at this kind of mental game where i don't let getting woken up by drunk people rouse me into a rage-filled indignation. Otherwise you get too filled with adrenaline to get back to sleep.

But the fetus. He can hear stuff now. And while it could have been my tension transmitting womb-wards, I am pretty sure the crazy honking/shouting woke the fetus. He started booting me in the side until I was fully awake.

I was pissed. I wanted to shout: "You woke the fetus, you assholes!" but I realized how absurd that would sound. So instead I read some Sarah Vowell and eventually fell asleep.

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