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9lbs and contracting
Let's take a moment to think good thoughts for Emily who is busy trying to get a 9-lb baby out of her as I write this. 9lbs is big. Guess that's what you get for procreating with the offspring of a Canadian hockey family.

First stage of labour has meant pretty constant contractions for her (ever heard of back labour?), which means she is exhausted for the time when she needs the most energy.

Labour: It is a slow process with a bunch of stages. Our birth prep teacher told us not to call people until you are in active labour. I kind of understand what she means. This is taking days and everyone is wondering when the guy is going to show up.

I am imagining her finding huge resources of strength calm, and pushing out a fat, healthy baby. He is going to be a most excellent friend for our little guy. Hold tight, little monkey!

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