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Foods that gross me out
Kat and I were talking about food that we find revolting, and she has a pre-made list of things (she LOVES lists) that gross her out:
onions, mustard, green peppers, olives, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, sesame oil, ham, eggplant, big turk, shredded coconut, maple flavoured things, grapefruit, celery, baby corn, sauerkraut, anything floating in brine, blackforest cake, dutchies, okra

Here is my list:
Sandwiches that were made by someone other than me, more than 10 minutes ago
Hard Boiled eggs (if it so much as touches the food i am about to eat, ithe meal is a write-off) Most incidents of eggs, actually
Canned animal products
Fat on meat, esp. gelatinous fat
Most animal byproducts and organs
Hot dogs and sausages and kishke
Mayonnaise (but for some reason not good aioli)
Bacon (in fact, most pork products)
Fast food
The smell of KFC
The taste of soup mix
Fish eggs
pickled or smoked fish
rabbit and gamey birds

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