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3 more days
Left of work, that is. Too much to do to post a long entry, but for the past few days I have been:

Making cookies:

(Elana came over and helped me make these)
Oatmeal chocolate everything cookies (Nigella Lawson)
Lime pepita sugar cookies (Rebar cookbook)

Making Chutney:
Sweet tomato chutney
tamarind chutney (think i effed it up with jalapeno peppers rather than thin-skinned green chilis)
Papaya pickle
(Abi explained how to seal the jar properly after i had already made two kinds, so unfortunately some of these are going to have to be stored in the fridge).

Sleeping and kvetching:
Tomorrow I am nine months pregnant. Sounds like the magical number, but there are four more weeks to go.
This last month is really really hard on the body. My legs are thick and swollen and elephantine. Almost nothing fits. I can't seem to get enough oxygen when I breathe. My belly is stretching and I feel fingers and toes prodding now rather than non-specific bumps and jostles. His head is dipped down pretty far, getting into position for his grand entrance, but when he lifts his head and settles it down again, itseems to hit a bunch of nerves that make me wince. oy.

Kiff got me a spa gift certificate for christmas, and they do a "mom-to-be" massage. I can't wait. Apparently I was dropping a lot of hints about wanting this.

Four more weeks (ok, maybe more, maybe less).
Hold tight, monkey!

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