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Last day of Work before Mat Leave co-worker's choice songlist
It is with bittersweet feelings that I spend my last day at work before Mat Leave. I am happy to not be dragging my massive tired body to work anymore, and very excited for the baby to get here, but I will miss some great folks I work with.

Before I embark on my year-off special project: baby, I will leave you with a sampling of the latest musical obsessions of my co-workers. Kind of like a Friday Random Ten, but not exactly random or ten.

Folk Death 95 - by Mogwai (Chris Thinn) I am going to miss working next to Chris.

Justin says: Don't leave us! I am really digging Hip Hop Is Dead - by NaS

Alyson's song is: "Sit Down" by a now defunct Brit band called James

Pushpa decided on charlie sheen vs henry rollins - alexisonfire (Pushpa)

And Patty has Daft Punk is playing at my house - LCD soundsystem

Kara says: I gave you Worked Up So Sexual by The Faint. I think it's fair to say I've been mildly obsessed with The Faint for a couple of years now. And it doesn't seem to go away. Like an std. Not that I know anything about stds.

Rosalee says: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing - Jack Johnson. There is this line about his ex's friends that I find so funny.

Ryan likes this tune by Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor - Daydreamin'

James is obsessed with Intervention by Arcade Fire. Emma says he plays it all day, every day.

Emma's current song obsession is Four to the Floor - by Starsailor

Darko says that yours to keep by Teddybears is his addicton

Brandon's fave: Gwen Stefani Now That You Got It

Evan, who always shares his music, send me the mellow London, Ontario band Raised by Swans - Violet Light

Kat insists that Evan stole her song, so her backup is: Hot Chip - No Fit State

Karen, who does amazing QA and runs a record label writes:
I am not currently obsessing over any songs, I don't tend to do that, I tend to just have favorite records. Anyways, I do obsess over lists so here is what I came up with. Use what you want, or none of it since I didn't really answer your request...

The format is: Song Title Band Album Title

Favorite Song of the Year off my Favorite Record of the Year:
Roll Jon Rae and The River - Knows what you Need

Current Favorite Songs off of my Favorite Record by my Favorite Band:
Time Bomb High School Reigning Sound Time Bomb High School
(but the whole record is fab, it is hard to pick just one!!)

Michelle (who just logged in from Thunder Bay) has some lyrics, but no title or artist, just lyrics: umm... you might laugh...
"let me tell you about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above.... and a thing called loveeee..."

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