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Just emerged from a day and a half of some vomitous illness that was not so much fun. Sweated and moaned in bed with a spasmy stomach for 36 hours. At a certain point, I got scared I was going into early labour, but then my midwife told me that 37 weeks is not early, per se. The baby is "term".

I am NOT ready to have the baby just yet. But I freaked. Got Kiff to help me pack the hospital bag (robe, lotion, clothes for me, clothes for baby, lip balm, lavender oil, hairbrush, gatorade.) We don't have a birth plan written up. The basinette...

The basinette is a family heirloom from the early 1930's, back when my grandpa's brother Sam was working as a barber at the Georgia Hotel in Vancouver, and his boss gave him all his baby paraphernalia following his wife's miscarriage. That basinettte has been a bed for 27 babies in our family, including me, my mom, and my sisters. Kiff is currently giving it a bit of a refurbishing in the back shed to make it sturdy and ready for our guy.

Ok, off to drool on the sofa some more.

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