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I am spoiled
Today I went for my mom-to-be massage and I was spoiled! How lovely to get a massage on my aching limbs (my legs feel like wooden pegs secured by corroded washers to my torso). Then to sit around in a bathrobe and nibble on cookies while drinking elderflower water. Next time I go, I will be able to use the sauna and steam room (stupid pregnancy precautions).

Yesterday Sarah threw me a baby shower to end all baby showers. There were beautiful people, delicious food and, when we got home to open them, gorgeous gifts. You can see some pictures from the event here. Abi, my mom, and Sarah's mom all contributed to the feast.

On the way back from my massage I was lured uncontrollably into the baby gap where some sick robotic consumer urge forced me into buying the cutest pair of red-footie pants with white stitching. I was just transfixed by the idea of a little diapered bum in those red pants. When I told my mom (who drove me home), she acted like I had celebrated her birthday without her. OH! I would have LOVED to go with you. Do you want to turn around and go back?

Finally, I seem to be understanding the glorious pastime of dressing one's children.

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