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Beef and wash'n'wear
I am insane. I can't stop eating.
I have been carb-loading like a marathon runner. I am not sure if I blame imminent labour or the food network's countdown to dinner series wherein they make mediocre Italian food that looks like tasty but is way unhealthy with white flour noodles and stringy mozzarella.

Sunday night I capped off some leftover baked penne and pizza with a bag of "organic" cheezees. I then sat with my feet up on the coffee table, dusted head-to-toe with cheez crumbs, and drank bubbly water out of the bottle while belching spectacularly.

Yesterday I bought an 8-lb roast. When have I ever cooked a roast? Why so much? When I set it on the kitchen table, Kiff started laughing and shaking his head at my odd purchase until I told him that 8lbs is probably the size of our baby.

After that observation, it felt kind of weird to be slathering the meat in mustard and garlic and popping it in the oven. But with some roasted potatoes, some balsamic shallots and some spicy apply chutney (I could not stop cooking), it was a tasty meal. Our house smells all meaty now.

Do you think it is possible to eat so much that I will crowd out the baby, and he will feel compelled to leave? Sorry, baby, a little too crowded here with all that pasta and beef. But there is a WHOLE WORLD out there of sensible people who eat moderately. I can't tell if I am nervous eating or genuinley in need of this odd diet (I usually go for lighter, more vegetable-friendly meals).

Emily came over yesterday with her adorable Ethan. She changed his diaper as I cooed at him, and wouldn't you know, he gave me a big smile! Only they did I realise that he was peeing EVERYWHERE. Ah, little boys. Hello year of wash'n'wear.

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